Roof Extenda S400 Bracket


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Roof Extenda S400 Bracket

The Roof Extenda Bracket Series is designed to provide Better Way of attaching main beams for carports, pergolas, pool enclosures or any other roofing project that is to be added to the roofline. Roof Extenda Bracket Series attaches to the rafter and the wall top plate therefore providing 

strength, safety, and peace-of-mind.

  • The Roof Extenda Bracket Series solves problems like height adjustment for carports etc. Available in three lengths: S300, S400 & S500.
  • The Roof Extenda Bracket Series can add height clearance to carports allowing for adequate overhead room for high vehicles and equipment.
  • The Roof Extenda Bracket Series is extremely successful in areas with high winds; it is fixed by hex bolts directly through the roof rafters and hex screws into the wall top plate giving a structurally sound fixing method.

When attaching the adjustable Roof Extenda Bracket Series to the rafter and wall top plate the workload and time taken in completing a project are greatly reduced in comparison to traditional fixing methods.