Roof Extenda Bracket MKII


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Roof Extenda Bracket MKII

The Roof Extenda Bracket is designed to provide Better Way of attaching main beams for carports, pergolas, pool enclosures or any other roofing project that is to be added to the roof line. Roof Extenda Bracket attaches to the rafter and the wall top plate therefore providing strength, safety and peace-of-mind. Unique steel brackets offer structurally superior fixing of extended roof-lines to buildings.

  • Bolts attach brackets to rafter and top wall plate for extra strength and structural integrity
  • Airflow between roof-lines provide improved ventilation in the summer heat
  • Adjustability allows run off angle to be optimised and adds height for larger vehicles - 4WD's, boats, caravans etc
  • New roof line is raised above the existing spouting therefore providing easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Proudly Australian designed and made in Australia by a proud Australian owned company