Blade Diamond Pcd


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Blade Diamond Pcd

Polycrystalline Diamond Blade

  •     Diameter: 160mm (6 1/4")
  •     Bore: 20/16mm
  •     Kerf/Plate: 2.2mm/1.6mm
  •     Teeth: 4PCD 4TCT
  •     Max Speed: 9 500 RPM
Designed for CUTTING
  •     Drywall, Plaster/Board/Tiles (Blue/Green Board, Cement Sheet/Board, Compressed Sheet, Plasterboard)
  •     Fibreglass
  •     Plastic
  •     Wood (Engineered Wood Products - Hardboard, MDF, Chipboard/Particle Board, Plywood, Softwoods, Hardwoods, Sleepers, Timber Planks, Weather Board)

EXTREME performance

Specifically designed for fiber cement ripping and crosscutting. The polycrystalline diamond tips can run up to 50-100 times longer than carbide blades. The Austsaw PCD gives you a faster and cleaner cut! The tips are made of superior man-made polycrystalline diamond and the body of the blade is hardened tempered steel. You will experience extreme cutting performance.

For use with Circular Saws, Table Saws, and Electric Mitre Saws

  •     Curs with Minimal Dust
  •     Super Fast Cut
  •     Low Heat Retention
  •     Hand Made Polycrystalline Diamond Tips
Unit of Measure: ea