Blade Diamond 9" (230mm) Boxer Austsaw


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Blade Diamond 9" (230mm) Boxer Austsaw

Diamond Blade Boxer Segmented

  • Diameter: 235mm (9 )
  • Bore: 25/22.2mm
  • Kerf/Plate: 2.8mm
  • Segmented
  • Max Speed: 6 790RPM

Designed for CUTTING

  • Ceramic (Bricks, Pipes, Terracotta)
  • Concrete (Pipes)
  • Rock/Stone (Marble, Slate/Bluestone - soft)

EXTREME performance

Made from the highest quality steel, laser welded with an extremely high diamond count. The boxer brand is an alternative mid priced blade that guarantees you will experience extreme cutting performance.

For use with , and Quick Cut Saws.

  • Features deep segments to extend the life of the blade.

Unit of Measure: ea