CWood Stn&Var Gls Teak 1Lt


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CWood Stn&Var Gls Teak 1Lt

Colourwood Stain and Varnish is a combined stain and clear varnish. Colourwood Stain and Varnish offers the convenience of a single product to achieve the finish of a dual stain and clear system. It is ideal for use on awkward areas such as louvre doors as it applies a stain and clear finish at the same time, in one easy step. It is also suitable for use on most interior woodwork, built-in furniture and panelling.

Features and Benefits

  • Convenience of a single product stain and clear varnish.
  • Suitable for awkward areas where a stain may be difficult to apply.
  • Available in Satin and Gloss.