Colourwood Stain WstCedar 500m


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Colourwood Stain WstCedar 500m

Colourwood Interior Stain is semi-transparent pigment-based wood stain designed to produce a rich natural colouring and even toning on all timbers.

Colourwood Interior Stain is easy to use and penetrates into the timber to enrich and highlight the natural timber grain and texture. It is ideal for whitewood and pine timbers which may give patchy results with dye type stains. It may be used on furniture, wall panelling, doors, window frames, skirting boards and kitchen cupboards.

Features and Benefits

  • Pigment-based stain.
  • Produces rich natural colouring and even toning.
  • Slowly absorbed into the timber.
  • Highlights timber grain and texture.
  • Ideal for whitewood and pine timbers.