Disc Speedgrip 115x8H Cd5


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Disc Speedgrip 115x8H Cd5
The abrasive flaps stay sharp until the disc is completely worn out. Low set-up times, reduced noise level, comfortable and cool grinding and no-clogging, as well as the fact that no backing-pad is required ensure comfortable working conditions.

For the backing plates different versions are available, i.e. fibreglass, standard nylon and nylon reinforced. Standard colour for the nylon backings is related to the type grain/cloth used ; Yellow colour stands for Alox, Blue colour stands for Zirconium, and Green colour stands for the mix of Zirconium and Delta-SG.

Within the nylon range we offer you two options, the standard nylon and the reinforced, - also called Nastex - nylon backing. The advantage of the reinforced backing is the larger abrasive surface of cloth (larger diameter of flaps) which results in a higher stockremoval and longer life.

Unique Flexi flap design gives flexibility for blending and finishing.
Grind and finish in one operation.
Comfortable grinding.
Cool grinding resulting in less blue heat marks.
Less loading and glazing than standard discs.
Quick change system for fast interchange of different grits and diameters.
Small diameters permit access to restricted areas.
Coarser grits for rapid stock removal.